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Great matching starts here. 

Join our job share cohort today.

Job Pairing

We use our Job Pair algorithm to match compatible people to job share. There’s more to matching the right people to share a job than the type of role and days of week both of you want to work. We take into consideration work styles, personal attributes and more.

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We make job sharing easy.

1. Sign up

Provide your email address to receive flex work tips, tools and opportunities.

2. Profile Q&A

Tell us about yourself to help us get to know you & narrow down suitable people to match you with to job share.

3. Start exploring

While we're looking for matches for you explore our resources and solutions to help you prepare for job sharing. Check out your matches when we're in touch.

Group Lecture

We'll be in touch with matches and opportunities for you.

We’re a startup with a growing cohort so we may not have people straight away to match you with but we’ll be actively looking for you and in touch as soon as we do. In the meantime, check out our real stories and resources for inspiration and practical tips on making part-time possible.

Great matching starts here.

Join our job share cohort today.

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