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How to work from home


Gain the know-how and inspiration to successfully and sustainably work from home during the Coronavirus pandemic.

You can do it if you believe you can.
Napoleon Hill, author

Adjusting to working from home

For many roles, working remotely is a responsible and necessary way to flatten the curve in the spread of Coronavirus. This time of rapid and widespread change to our workforce creates many new scenarios for all of us to adapt to. Job Pair is here to support you through this transition and help create flexible work arrangements that allow you to thrive.

The advantages of working from home

While the current situation in your workplace might be disruptive, there are great benefits to enjoy from working from home:

  • no commute time 

  • greater flexibility in your work hours

  • more focused work

  • fewer workplace interruptions

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.
Eleanor Roosevelt

Work from home benefits for business

Reduces costs

Increases diversity & profit

Retains great talent

Boosts productivity

Discover our guides to working from home

If you suddenly find yourself working from home, there is a lot to consider. These guides are for individuals who have transitioned to a remote workplace and want to enhance their skills to balance work commitments with their personal life and family.

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