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 Where dreams come true. 

 We make flexible work possible in all sorts of positions and professions. 

What We Do


Working from home

Gain the know-how and inspiration to successfully and sustainably work from home during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Team work

Job Pairing

If you’re interested in job sharing, join our cohort and we’ll be in touch with opportunities for you.

We use our Job Pair algorithm to match compatible people to job share. Job sharing is a great solution for working part-time hours in a role that has full-time responsibilities.

Flex Coaching

Having difficulty in seeking what you want of work? Unsure how to go about working part-time? Need a confidence boost to ask for flex work?

Flex coaching will help you gain the clarity and confidence to make working flexible hours or practices become your reality.

Young Businesswomen
Young Lawyer

Flex-Ability Academy

Gain the skills and know-how to successfully bring to life your flexible work arrangement dreams or your workplace's flex work strategies with these online courses. 


Real Stories

Be inspired and learn from employees and leaders' flexible work stories and journeys.

Great matching starts here.

Join our job share cohort today.

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"Flexible work strategies matter. But real solutions for people to work flexibly matter more."

Ness Stonnill
Job Pair Founder
Flex Work Coach & Champion
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