Flex Work Success Program

Understand what makes you and your team tick, and

identify how to thrive with flexible ways of working.

Flexing our thinking

Learn how personality styles impact communication, productivity and relationships, and help you and your team adapt to change, think creatively, work flexibly, innovate and thrive in work and life.

Using What Makes You Tick Profiles, Job Pair works with individuals, job share pairs, teams and workplaces to understand themselves, others and how to work flexibly effectively. 

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What's included?

Our standard program includes:

Undertake What Makes You Tick online assessment

Tick Profile with personal insights to keep

One-on-one Insights Coaching session

Flex Work Success Worksheet

Ongoing coaching and support available, extra cost

Receive all this for just $298!

We can tailor a package to suit your workplace, and we offer team workshops.

Key benefits of the program

Greater self awareness 

Better relate & work with others

Ability to adapt behaviour

More productive

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Our approach to flex work success


Understand what makes people tick - strengths, motivators, behaviour under pressure, and more - with a Tick Profile for you and/or each of your team.


Using your Tick Profiles we help you identify how to be more effective individually and as a team in achieving your goals and working flexibly.


Easily apply these practical insights to improve individual performance, team success, and your workplace culture and productivity.


Have the know-how and confidence to positively impact your performance and achieve your goals. 

Flexible work solutions


  • Being more adaptable and agile.

  • Improving your productivity.

  • A workplace thriving with everyone working flexibly.

Our Flex Work Success Program is about giving people and businesses the self awareness and know-how to bring flexible work arrangements, strategies and policies to life.

Unlock your people's potential today! 

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