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8 podcasts to revitalize your inspiration

At Job Pair, we love listening to podcasts as an easy way to soak up innovative ideas and new ways of thinking. To help keep your podcast listening inspired, here’s some that we’ve discovered that look at career, wellbeing, self-confidence and productivity to name a few. So, the next time you’re in the car, out for a walk or just working around the house, plug in and give these podcasts a go!

How I Work

Hosted by Dr Amantha Imber, an organisational psychologist, How I Work looks at how leading entrepreneurs, senior execs, consultants and other business experts optimise their workdays. After each episode, you’ll take away tactics, rituals and tricks to get the most out of your workdays and while still enjoying your personal time.

One Minute Mindfulness

As many who practice mindfulness know, the ability to be fully engaged with the present can be more complicated than it sounds. One Minute of Mindfulness unravels the roadblocks to mindful practice with interviews from leaders in contemplative science and mindfulness practitioners. Each episode offers tips and tools you can use to better discover your relationship with mindful living.

Amanda’s Wellbeing podcast

The wellness industry can be a confusing and misleading space. In her podcast, Amanda’s mission is to cut through to the facts when it comes to health and wellbeing by providing well-researched, credible and useful information to her listeners. She features regular guests from a wide range of backgrounds to understand how we can all embrace the podcast’s mantra eat well, move well, think well.

How to fail with Elizabeth Day

UK journalist Elizabeth Day interviews well-known actors, activists and authors about the things that haven’t gone right. From conversations with Alain de Botton to Marian Keyes, the podcast is an insightful reminder that experiencing failure is an important lesson that teaches all of us how to better succeed.

Jump in with Julia Samuel

Courage & Spice

In her podcast Courage & Spice, New-Zealand born and Bristol-based Sas Patherick is fascinated by our experiences of self-doubt. If you feel self-doubt impacts your relationships, career, creativity or your business, this podcast is especially for you. Sas delivers inspiring conversations that help listeners navigate beyond the limitations of self-doubt.

Reasons To Be Mindful

Reasons To Be Mindful is hosted by Adelaide-based meditation expert Jen Hill, who is the founder of Right Brain Liaisons. In her podcast, Jen explores how different people use mindfulness as a tool to overcome the unavoidable challenges of being human. Episode 1 features Job Pair’s founder, Ness, as she discusses her journey and the tips she uses to increase mindfulness in her everyday life.

The Michelle Obama Podcast

Michelle Obama needs no introduction and in her warm, honest and funny podcast she explores big topics with her family, friends and colleagues. As she does so, she encourages us all to more openly sort through the questions we’re all thinking about and trying to answer.

The Minimalists Podcast

With more than 70 million downloads, hosts Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus discuss the benefits of living with less. Often inviting on guests, episodes can touch on whole ranges of topics like approaches to productivity, setting and sticking to boundaries, or our hang-ups with material possessions. The Minimalists Podcast is a thought-provoking listen that helps listeners pare back their lives to what really matters.

Jump in with Negative People

We want to hear from you! What are some of your favourite podcasts to get you inspired? Please leave us a comment on our Facebook or LinkedIn

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