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Five guilt-free ways to celebrate Leave the Office Early Day

Rather than an excuse for employees to slack off, Leave the Office Early Day is a way to recognise the achievements in your workplace and encourage a healthy work culture in an ‘always-on’ and connected world. We understand that giving yourself the permission to leave the office early can be tricky, so here are five beneficial reasons for clocking off early…

1. It’s been a productive week

Are you getting things done? Do you feel like you’re on a productivity role? Good for you! Working hard and seeing the efforts come to life is rewarding. Take this time to relax and feel proud of what you’ve achieved in the past weeks.

2. Recharge your energy

Humans aren’t hardwired for working around the clock. If you find yourself getting in a few extra hours of work at home or mentally running through work-related problems during your personal time, you’re not getting the recharge time you need. Make sure that when you physically clock off early that you’re also mentally leaving the office for the afternoon.

3. Change up your routine to get refocused

Do you feel like you’re cruising on autopilot? Or that the work you’re doing isn’t as good as it could be? If your productivity has dropped and you can’t focus, you might just need a break to refocus. Give yourself some time to rediscover your inspiration and come back to your work in the morning rejuvenated.

4. Spend time with your colleagues

Why not clock off early with your colleagues and spend some time getting to know each other better? Teams that understand each other work more effectively together and feeling valued by your team can help to boost everyone’s happiness & output.

5. Spend time with loved ones

Prioritising your family and friends is one of the best things you can do for your emotional wellbeing, and it should always be a priority. Find an activity that brings everyone joy like a beach walk, game of tennis, picnic in the park, or coffee date and enjoy the time spent connecting with those you care about.

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