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Tips for staying inspired during winter

At the best of times, winter can be uninspiring. This winter seems particularly long! So, Job Pair's team has been changing things up to help with spending so much time at home. Here's our tips on how to freshen things up.

1. Exercising!

Taking some time to get outside in some fresh air is a huge mood booster (even if you do need to rug up!)

2. Colour!

Adding or moving colourful furniture or decorations to a room you spend a lot of time in (like your bedroom, living area or home office) really helps to brighten and refresh a space.

3. Change it up!

Rearranging a space helps you to feel fresh and invigorated. It could be moving your desk to a new spot or even choosing a new screen background on your computer.

4. A new outfit!

Finding a new piece of clothing that you feel great wearing can be a simple way to create a happy headspace for the day ahead.  

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